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Black Cat Plant Stake

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Hope you're not superstitious, because our black cat plant stakes look great peeking between the foliage of your houseplants! Our plant accessories are perfect and unique gifts for plant lovers, too.

Available in two sizes and save when you bundle both together.

  • Mini Size: 3.25 inches tall (including stake) - best for 2-6 inch planters
  • Standard Size: 4.5 inches tall including stake - best for 4-12 inch planters

This design features a cat silhouette with an arched back and is made of black acrylic. The material is not damaged by water, so you can use them in indoor or outdoor pots (although they can fade in the sun over time). 

    Single mini size acrylic black cat decorative plant stake displayed in a 4 inch clay pot with a monstera adansonii plant. Single black cat decorative plant stake displayed in a 5 inch clay pot. Both size options of the black cat acrylic plant stake held in hand with monstera leaf in the background. Size chart for acrylic black cat decorative plant stakes. Two size options against a white background with measurement labels reflecting those in the written description. Single standard size acrylic black cat decorative plant stake displayed in a 12 inch clay pot with a large cactus. Single standard size acrylic black cat decorative plant stake displayed in a 5 inch clay pot with a monstera plant.


    Black cat plant stake in clay pot.
    Decorative plant stake with morel mushroom design engraved in light wood in a pot of pilea peperomioides.
    Mini flamingo plant stakes in a 4 inch pot with a begonia plant.

    So these may be my favorite plant thing I've bought recently. They made me smile and laugh, I love Bigfoot. I even ran around the house trying to decide which 2 plants to put them in. I will be coming back to this shop for other goodies again.


    I love my cute little cat for my plant. Looks just like the picture, as advertised.

    Haylee, Oregon, Black Cat Plant Stake

    These stakes are too cute! Great quality! I purchased several different styles and plan to purchase more.

    Pegge, California, Morel Mushroom Plant Stake

    Yes they are that cute. Buy all of them. Faster than quick shipping. Etsy is flipping my photos so a photo description: A so-so young tetrasperma plant made absolutely breathtakingly adorable by one large and one small flamingo stake.

    Heather, Colorado, Flamingo Plant Stakes

    Great little plant friends!!! Packaged perfectly and would order from this store again!

    Jeff, Montana, Bigfoot Plant Stake



    with quality materials and designed in-house


    common pot sizes (2-8 inches) and houseplants


    protect from dirt and moisture for long-lasting use

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