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Monstera Leaf Wall Propagation Station - Test Tube Holder

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Propagate your plant cuttings in water with ease - and in style - with a hanging propagation station that you can mount to your wall!

Watch roots grow in a clear test tube holder that is easy to remove when it's time to change the water. Works best for your small cuttings of pothos, philodendron, tradescantia, monstera varieties, hoyas, and much more.

This functional piece of wall décor can be mounted to the wall using a nail or products like Command strips with wire hooks. A beautiful piece to add to your bedroom, living room, plant room, office, dorm, or wherever you choose! Shopping for a plant lover you know? Propagation stations are an easy and unique gift idea, too.

Size information :

  • Wooden Test Tube Holder: 6.75 inches tall x 6 inches wide
  • Plastic Test Tube: 5.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide
  • Total Height Assembled: 9.5 inches tall

(measurements are approximate and may vary slightly)

Materials & Care

  • This intricate monstera leaf test tube planter is handmade from mahogany plywood with a warm brown tone.
  • The wood material can be damaged by moisture. Remove the test tube to refill with water and wipe away any excess moisture on the outside before returning to the holder.
  • Your order includes the hanging test tube holder and one test tube; no mounting hardware or plant cuttings are included with purchase.


    Two clear acrylic mason jar lid inserts in both designs available on the site.
    Two clear acrylic mason jar lid inserts in both designs available on the site.

    These are great! I've already put them to use with some cuttings. They fit my jars perfectly & hold the cuttings well. Thanks!

    Karen, Colorado, Mason Jar Lid Inserts

    These worked amazingly for my propagation station on the downstairs sill. Up until recently I had been using a wide mouthed glass and it always felt like the cuttings I had of an inch plant were going to fall out. But these keep the cuttings in place so well! Very happy with my purchase!

    Emily, Maryland, Mason Jar Lid Inserts

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