Hello! Welcome to Leaf & Node.

Leaf & Node is a woman-owned small business based in Ohio that makes planty things for planty people. My goal is to offer a unique collection of both practical products (like indoor plant trellises and propagation gear) and plant-themed décor (like magnets and plant stakes) that my fellow houseplant enthusiasts will love as much as I do. 

Read below to learn a bit more!

Jessy holding a small monstera plant in a clay pot with a bigfoot plant stake. Hoya obovata plant in a clay pot climbing on a bamboo arch trellis. Begonia maculata leaves. Large monstera deliciosa plant in a white pot with a trellis.

Leaf & Node is owned and operated by me – Jessy – with help from my family. I’m an educator by trade, entrepreneur for fun, and I love collecting and caring for houseplants (my Begnoia Maculata, Hoya Obovata, and monster Monstera Delciosa are some of my favorites).

This business was born during the pandemic, when I found myself working from home unexpectedly for two years. My houseplant collection grew, and so did my desire to learn new skills that could benefit myself, my family, and my students who aspire to be entrepreneurs themselves.

Desk cluttered with test trellis designs in potted plants.

I spent a lot of time brainstorming, research, and learning how to use new software and equipment. Then, I designed and tested my first products, which were things I wanted for my own plants: small indoor trellises and custom lids for the mason jars I use for water propagation.

Once I was happy with my first set of products, I moved on to decorative items like plant magnets, stakes, and ornaments for the upcoming holiday season. I started small by partnering with one local shop (shout out to my pals at Bloomora Botanicals in Tipp City, Ohio) to begin selling my products.

Three different small, potted houseplants displayed on a lattice, arch, and ladder trellis.

I established Leaf & Node LLC in fall of 2021 and launched a couple of online shops that carry items designed, made, and sold in-house (as in, my house).

Less than one year later, Leaf & Node products are sold in over 60 garden centers, plant, and gift shops across more than 30 states in the U.S. and multiple stores in the UK and Canada. Over 500 customers have ordered planty products from the Etsy shop and website, and I’m beyond thrilled that people are loving them!

I’m so appreciative of all of my customers and retail partners and am working hard to add new items and collections to the shop. I love engaging with other plant people and shops on social, so if you want to connect click on the links below!