Product Use & Care Guides

  • Indoor Plant Trellises

    Indoor Plant Trellises

    Give your climbing houseplant the support it needs for upward growth with your new indoor plant trellis!

    Follow these easy steps to install your trellis, style your plant, and attach stems and vines to guide new growth.

    how to use your houseplant trellis
  • Hanging Propagation Stations

    Hanging Propagation Stations

    Put plants anywhere you get good light with your new propagation station - walls, windows, mirrors!

    Review our tips for choosing a good location, hanging your propagation station, and refilling the test tubes.

    how to use your propagation station
  • Air Plant Holders

    Air Plant Holders

    Display your air plants on your desktop, shelves, walls, windows, mirrors and more with our air plant holders!

    Check out our guide for displaying your air plants using both our wall hangers and stands.

    how to use your air plant display