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Round Circle Indoor Plant Trellis - Double Hoop (Wooden)

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Give your climbing plants support in style with a modern round circle trellis. Customers love using these indoor plant trellises with their vining Hoyas, Pothos, Scindapsus, Ivy, Philodendrons, and more.

This hoop design works well for small potted houseplants with vines that you can wrap around the circle as it grows. The double hoop may be a better fit than our single hoop trellis if you have a fuller plant that needs additional support and space for attaching vines - made easier with our plant clips, if you need them! 

Which size trellis is best for your plant? 

Be sure to review the sizing information* provided and measure your pot and plant first if you're unsure of measurements to ensure a good fit and satisfaction with your purchase. When in doubt, we recommend sizing up so your plant has plenty of room to grow!

  • Small (best for 3-4 inch pots): 5.5 inch outer hoop; overall measurements are 7 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide
  • Medium (best for 4-6 inch pots): 7.5 inch outer hoop; overall measurements are 9.5 inches tall x 7.5 inches wide

*Measurements are approximate and include the stakes. Width is taken at widest point.


Each trellis comes with an installation card attached containing the following instructions:

- Use a tool to create holes for the stakes (skewer, chopstick, screwdriver, etc.)
- Insert stakes gently into the holes (do not force if there is resistance)
- Leave a bit of black coating above the soil to avoid water damage


This trellis is handcrafted from mahogany plywood with a clear finish. Wood grain and tone vary, and one side is slightly darker than the other.

This material can be damaged by moisture, so this trellis is for indoor use only. Leave a bit of the black coating on the stakes above the soil line and avoid pouring water directly on the trellis for best results and long lasting use (bottom watering for the win!).

    Vining Heartleaf Philodendron in a 3 inch white pot displayed on the small double hoop wooden indoor plant trellis. Vining Hoya Chelsea on a double hoop wooden indoor plant trellis sitting on an end table. Round circle double hoop wooden indoor plant trellis with rubber dipped stakes on white background. Size chart for small and medium sizes of the double hoop wooden indoor plant trellis. Two vining potted houseplants displayed on different sizes of the double hoop indoor plant trellis sitting on an end table. Vining Hoya Chelsea in a 5 inch clay pot displayed on the medium double hoop wooden indoor plant trellis.


    Mini monstera plant on large ladder arch trellis.
    Vining heartleaf philodendron on a wooden triple hoop indoor plant trellis.
    Vining hoya plant climbing a lattice indoor plant trellis with a light wood finish.
    Tradescantia plant on mini rainbow trellis with light wood finish.
    Ivy growing on a wooden triple hoop indoor plant trellis in a square white pot.
    Hoya pubicalyx plant on small double hoop wooden trellis in a white pot.
    Brasil philodendron plant in a white pot growing on a light wood ladder style indoor plant trellis.
    String of hearts plant on a triple hoop indoor plant trellis in white pot.
    String of hearts plant on a small, wooden double hoop indoor plant trellis in a 2.5 inch clay pot.

    The trellis looks great! The stakes are thin enough they go into the soil easy but they don’t feel flimsy. Very happy with my purchase!

    Cara, Ohio, Ladder Arch Trellis

    The trellises are exactly as pictured and so beautiful! I love them. I only wish they came in larger sizes so that I could buy them for all of my climbing plants!

    Casey, Washington DC, Ladder Arch Trellis

    Fast shipping! Ended up being better than I thought! Such great quality. Came with a tag that had all the important Do’s and Don'ts, which I appreciated. Will definitely buy from this seller again.

    Emily, California, Lattice Trellis

    These trellises are great!

    Allison, North Dakota, Rainbow Trellis

    Thoughtfully crafted & quickly shipped. I’m so excited to see if my Ivy will take to it. Even if it doesn’t, this trellis is a beautiful element as is.

    Katie, Michigan, Triple Hoop Trellis

    Super cute! Looks great with my hoya. Absolutely perfect size. Easy to install. Shipped quickly. Would definitely purchase again.

    Kristen, California, Double Hoop Trellis

    I purchased one and then had to go back for more! Great quality and so perfect for what I needed them for. Great service and fast shipping.

    Theresa, Minnesota, Ladder Trellis

    Gorgeous trellis and super fast shipping!! Packaging was superb!!

    Erin, Kentucky, Triple Hoop Trellis

    Simply beautiful! It looks exactly like the picture. My photo shows the trellis in a 2 1/2" mini-pot.

    Kathy, Florida, Double Hoop Trellis




    from high quality, sustainably sourced woods


    common pot sizes (2-8 inches) and houseplants


    protect from dirt and moisture for long-lasting use

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