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Philodendron (Squamiferum, Florida Green) - Plant Magnet

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If you're a plant person - or shopping for a gift for someone who loves houseplants - add this Philodendron Squamiferum or Florida Green magnet to your cart!

Our customers love using our plant magnets on their refrigerators, metal plant shelves, greenhouse cabinets, at home, or in the office. Buy it for yourself or as a unique and easy gift for a plant lover you know.

This design features a pot of four leaves with the unique shape found in Philodendron varieties like the Squamiferum and Florida Green. The graphic is engraved in wood, measures approximately 2 inches tall, and comes backed by a strong magnet.

Like houseplants, no two trees are exactly the same. The appearance of each plant magnet will vary slightly due to the natural variances in wood color and grain. The product photos are examples of the item you will receive, but no two plant magnets will be identical - making each one unique!



    from high quality woods like cherry, maple, and mahoghany


    make these decor items both lovely AND functional


    feature a variety of common and rare houseplants


    idea for plant lovers for any occasion

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